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Interior design is a long process, this is why we have separated the services that we offer in 4 stages.
Upon your request, we give you price and deadline for the different stages and you decide which do you need - all of them or only some. The offer being made after a meeting - in a person or online, so we can be acquainted with the project and we can make you an individual offer. 

Also we provide consultant services - if you need help how to arrange your furniture, or hol to make your kitchen functional. If you cannot make a decision in what colour scheme to be your design and any other kind of questions you have - we are here for you.
The price of the consultation is 80 lv. per hour. It can be made in our office or online. If you want a consultation on the spot, there is added price of 30 lv. 
In order to provide an optimal customer service, the prices of our consultations are for half an hour. 
If after the consultation, additional work is needed from us - like research, preparation of files, presentations, designs/drawings etc.- there is an additional price for this work. Every case is different, and we are preparing individual offer for each of our clients, which must be approved before starting.

Meetings in non working hours are priced double (including meeting, related to running projects).
If you need design only for your furniture, we offer individual design for it.

VAT is not included.


1. Architectural capture;

2. Exploration;

3. Furnishing plan - 2 samples minimum;

4. 3D renders;
5. 360 - degree panorama of a chosen accomodation.

6. One change for all of the 3D renders


1. Working plan for architecture;

2. Working plan for electricity;

3. Working plan for plumbing;

4. Working plan for lighting;

5. Floors - working plan for the executioner;

6. Detailed drawing - unfolding of walls, where necessary;

7. Working plans for all custom made furniture (kitchen, wardrobe, etc.);

8. Proposals for furniture (from showrooms), where necessary.


Detailed quantitative bill for all the construction and installation works, needed for the implementation of the project.


Organisation and control over the working project.

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